Guloader is a downloader that has been active since 2019. It is known to deliver various malware, more notably: Agent-Tesla, Netwire, FormBook, Nanocore, and Parallax RAT.

The malware architecture consists of a VB wrapper and a shellcode that does all the malicious activities of Guloader. Although many malware use crypters that have shellcode in their initial droppers, the Guloader shellcode is notorious for its anti-analysis capabilities; thus making the unpacking mechanism of Guloader much more challenging.

The majority of the anti-analysis functionality of Guloader is already published by several security researchers. However, for researchers who are not 100% familiar with…

What's Inside?

In malware, we often see threat actors that tend to obfuscate or encrypt their code in order to slow down the analysis of security researchers. To do so, many authors tend to use open-source packers but also craft their own custom packers.

While custom packers are definitely not a new thing, it is always interesting to observe how they work, and what is the shared similarities between them in different malware.

In this writeup, I will present some known first-stage malware that uses custom packers or other packing mechanisms.

I will also share some theoretical insights regarding the way to…

Eli Salem

Malware Researcher & Threat Hunter

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